What is the Importance of Structured Cabling in Enterprises?


In this fast-paced technology era where enterprises need to stay connected all over the world, the infrastructure that supports communication technology needs to be advanced and up-to-date. Structured cabling systems are therefore essential to ensure that networks in the enterprises operate smoothly and the entire IT infrastructure is as efficient as possible.

One of the most useful updates you can make to your network is to switch from the old point-to-point cabling system to a highly functioning and efficient structured cabling system.
But, how exactly does structured cabling help enterprises in communication? Let’s break down the 5 pointers that stress the importance of structured cabling in enterprises.

● A more efficient way of working
It may feel as if you are forever untangling wires at your workplace. With advanced structured cabling, you will no longer have this concern. Organizing your wires through structured cabling ensures that each cable is plugged into the correct port.

An organized cabling system is essential in any workplace. When there are several devices that are being used at the same time, an uncomplicated and structured cabling system is the way to go.

● Redundancy
A well-structured telecommunications infrastructure allows for redundant operations within the cabling system. This improves the overall dependability and accessibility of all the systems, especially during maintenance. If one cable is compromised, the easily implemented redundant wiring can keep all communications operating smoothly while repairs are made.

● Future usability
With the constant advances in telecommunications technology, it is vital to have a system that is forward-adaptable. Structured cabling solutions enable that, making updates easy to implement with almost no risk to the infrastructure. This makes structured cabling a good investment when it comes to preparing your enterprise for the future. This can either involve updating the existing data center or designing a new one.

● Enhanced Flexibility
An efficient structured cabling system provides an enhanced level of flexibility – helping to improve performance and drive business growth. This is because it can quickly and easily accommodate and adapt to changes, which drastically reduces installation time and also ensures optimum adaptability to any network infrastructure changes. The flexibility also makes the system easily portable for moving to a new office location.

● An investment with true ROI
If you are changing over from a point-to-point cabling system to structured cabling, you will need to make a sound initial investment. Exact costs vary, depending on the complexity of your enterprise’s network and size. However, after this original investment, you will no longer need to constantly contact your network team to keep the cabling under control. Structured cabling is organized, and it’s easy to see which cable is connected to which port/location. Once structured cabling is in place, you can significantly reduce the resources you need to maintain and repair it. In the long run this helps in reducing IT costs; besides structured cabling can help increase employee productivity, thereby leading to additional revenue.

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