What Is Structured Cabling? (And Why You Should Care)

Structured Cabling in uae

At first glance, structure cabling may seem like a neatly designed cabling solution that helps you stay organized. However, structure cabling is so much more than that. It is a comprehensive system of flexible network infrastructure that allows you to make your business future-proof. This cabling solution enables a continuous flow of information making your workplace more efficient. Since it can support everything from voice and video systems to WiFi and access control, you will get a 360-degree solution for your organization.

This cabling solution will give you high-performance and streamline your communication channels to and from the organization. With the organized networking infrastructure, identifying and fixing issues will become much easier as well. This means you not only get the benefit of the organization but a significant increase in speed and performance as well. With structured cabling in Dubai, your reach becomes endless, and you can connect with clients from all over the globe. Scaling your business and communication with overseas clients will become much easier after switching to structured cabling for your company. If you want to make the most of business opportunities, you must switch to this solution. In this article, we will look at the reasons why you should not ignore the power of structured cabling.

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How is Structured Cabling Different from a Point-to-Point Cabling?

With point-to-point cabling, you will use a jumper fiber cable. This cable is primarily used to connect a switch, server, or storage unit to another switch, server, and storage unit. That means there is an absence of the Main Distribution Area that can be used to patch trunks and panels to connect pieces of hardware into your data center. In a point-to-point cabling solution, the cables are running directly from one component of equipment to the other. If your company has a limited number of connections, this type of cabling may work for you. However, if your organization has several connections and growing needs, structured cabling is the best alternative for you.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

If you already have a data center in your facility, you can experience significant benefits by upgrading to structured cabling. Also, if you want to grow your production and efficiency, implementing structured cabling in your organization will be the first step towards success. Some of the most notable benefits of this cabling include:

Increased Efficiency in Operations

With structured cabling, you will never have to face the problem of tangled wires. All the connections and wires are neatly organized which keeps them from tangling and taking up your time to detangle them. That means tracking which cable is to be plugged in which port will become simpler and more manageable. Doing this will make it even simpler to track the root cause of any problem and fix it. Since the employees don’t have to waste time managing wires, you will get more organized. The speed of communication will also improve allowing you to increase your productivity and scale your business.

Enhanced Flexibility

If you are shifting your workplace, you will get a far more flexible solution with structured cabling. This cabling solution is easier to re-install. Since the cables are organized, setting them up in your new workplace will be simpler. You can reduce the chances of any human errors and ensure all the wires are in their correct port. This will automatically make the installation faster, and you can begin working without wasting any time. Thus, with a structured cabling solution, you not only get flexibility around your office but also when you decide to shift your workplace.

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Reduced Downtime

Unorganized cables and wires can lead to downtime which can ultimately affect your profits. Using a structured cabling system will eliminate that problem and reduce your downtime as well. Since structured cabling is far more organized, the issues caused by tangled wires and unorganized networks will be reduced. Also, any other problem can be tracked easily using the organized connection. This will allow you to fix them quickly and limit your losses. With structured cabling, you can get your network up and running in no time. This not only increases the productivity around your office, but it indirectly boosts your profits as well.


Structured cabling is future-proof, meaning upgrading it with the latest technology will be simple and doable. You can easily transition into a better cabling solution and keep your business organized in the competitive market. Structured cabling gives you room for improvement, and when a new technology is here, you can smoothly upgrade to it. All the transitions will be easier to make, and you can keep your business effective and productive in an ever-evolving market. With the existing system, upgrades will not take long, and you can start leveraging the power of a better cabling system in no time.

Increased Saftey

With structured cabling, you can make your workplace safer. The cables will not be scattered on the floor, instead, they will be neatly tied into systems. This will reduce the chances of any slips or falls making your workplace safer. With unorganized wires and cables, the chances of electrical shocks are also higher, and you can reduce them by switching to a structured cabling solution. With this solution, you can avoid everything from falls, electrical shocks to fire hazards. If making your workplace safe is your goal, structured cabling is ideal for you.

Final words 

Structured cabling is among the best ways to streamline your business and prepare yourself for the future. The ease and manageability of this solution are beyond comparison. However, you can only get these benefits when choosing a trusted cabling partner. Zoomline Networks is among the most reliable companies offering the beststructured cabling in Dubai. You can browse our website to look at our selection of products or get in touch with our expert team at sales@zoomlinenetwork.com.

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