What is a Server Rack Cabinet?

server rack cabinets in Dubai, UAE

What is the one concern that everyone who uses any IT system has? It is a reliable and secure IT infrastructure. With the advent of technology and rapid expansion of technology, reliable storage and secure access to critical IT systems has become very relevant and of paramount importance. So what does it have to do with server rack cabinets?

Before diving into this, let’s take a look at what do server rack cabinets mean. A server rack cabinet has two main functions, firstly it provides safety and security, and secondly, it helps in the housing and organization of delicate and critical IT systems. They are most commonly found in data center environments alternatively they can also be used in small computer closets. The equipment placed on the rack is generally referred to as a rack-mounted or rackmount device. It is mounted by clipping or by bolting its front panel to the rack.

server rack cabinets in Dubai, UAE

Types Of Server Racks

Server racks can be very different from one another. Let us take a look at a few of them

1. The standardized size frame or enclosure for mounting equipment is the 19-inch server rack. It allows dense hardware configurations without taking up much of the floor space. It is the best choice economically due to its low upfront costs.

2. If you are looking for a factory assembled rack that is deployed easily and quickly, then you should opt for the preconfigured or customized racks. They are pocket-friendly and are often the less expensive option. They can be customized to fit desired needs and specifications. Companies that require unique specifications like unique width, height, dimensions, water or dust proofing can opt for this option.

3. Server racks can be further classified into an open frame or locked frame racks. There are pros and cons to both of them. For open server racks, you will have more space and flexibility. This will also allow cable accessibility from the top. These kinds of frames can be mostly found in secure server rooms. Whereas locked frame racks are an expensive option. This can be a very good option where secure server rooms aren’t an option. This is a great alternative to keep your data secure in non-secure locations.

server rack cabinets in Dubai, UAE

How to know if a server rack fulfills the industry standards?

It will be helpful to you if you opt for a server rack that fulfills the industry standard. Server racks receive industry-standard certificates from respected authorities in the industry or region. This will help you in two ways, firstly, it will save your time and money, and secondly, it will help in easy and cheap configuration and integration. The server racks can have any of the following certifications:-

1. EIA 31OE:-They follow international standards for all electrical, electronic, and technologically related items.

2.UL 2416:-It is a global safety certification firm that offers expertise and strategies to businesses. This a standard certificate that is required for cabinets that house audio/video information and communication technology equipment

3.RoHS:-It is a criterion that was formulated to regulate the use of toxic material to produce electrical and electronic devices and systems.

4.REACH:-It brings attention to the production and use of chemical substances that impact human health and the environment negatively.

5. IBC 2012:-This certification is awarded to the racks that meet the minimum requirements that safeguard the health, safety, and general welfare of the public.

server rack cabinets in Dubai, UAE

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