What Is a Pdu (Power Distribution Unit)?

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The name Power Distribution Unit is more than enough to define a PDU. It is a device that is usually used in data centers to control and distribute electric power optimally. A large power strip without any surge protection is the basic form of a PDU. This strip is designed to provide a variety of settings that do not require any remote access capabilities or monitoring to standard electrical outlets.

When a PDU is used for a large project, it is known as the Main Distribution Unit. This unit provides a crucial bridge connecting the building’s primary power source and a range of equipment racks within a data center or at a remote location. PDUs with higher specs can be monitored to check the efficiency and are used for several applications as well. In this guide, we will break down the different types of power distribution units and their key features to determine the best choice for your requirements.

AC and DC Power Distribution Unit

Power distribution units can be found in both AC and DC models. These units match the power requirements of several different sites and distribute them optimally. An AC power distribution unit is powered by AC, and it distributes the power with an alternating current. Whereas, the DC power distribution units distribute DC power, but it can be powered by both AC and DC power, depending on the site’s requirements. Both of these power units function identically, and DC power units are built similar to the AC ones. The only difference between these two is their output current. The DC units are specifically designed to provide the electric current in a direct current format that is used by several rack-mounted devices.

Rack Power Distribution Unit

The rack power distribution unit is a bit different, it is designed to be an industry-standard equipment rack. The server racks are sized anywhere from 19 to 23 inches in width, and their heights vary from piece to piece. Most equipment is just one “rack unit” high, which is usually approximately 1.75 inches. A power distribution unit mounted on the rack is different from any other kind of unit. These are designed to be mounted on the wall or to be attached to the side of an equipment rack.

The other AC and DC power units can conserve physical rack space, but they increase the distance between the power outputs of the distribution unit and the power input of the devices receiving electricity. The rack PDUs are known to manage and distribute large amounts of electricity. These power units allow the companies to connect them to a current monitoring system, and can slowly be accessed remotely.

Benefits of Power Distribution Units

These intelligent power units have become a crucial part of the integrated monitoring system. This protects the critical equipment and allows you to monitor the power at every individual outlet. Since these can be accessed remotely, you can switch the power on and off, and even shut the power down in an emergency power outage without manually visiting the site. These units will enable you to manage and allocate power efficiently. The PDUs can be customized to meet the specific needs of the industry. The most notable features a PDU offers are:

  • The technician can remotely control and toggle every individual outlet. This makes it easier for them to switch off non-essential outlets, and maximize their power usage.
  • The power distribution units can be monitored, allowing the technicians to review which outlet consumes the maximum energy.
  • The PDUs allow the technicians to check the operation of a remote power system and detect any issues in a timely manner. Since the problems are identified on time, they can be fixed before any serious damage occurs.

Final Words

A power distribution unit comes in many forms, and it performs everything from several simple functions, to advanced monitoring. To ensure quality units and proper installation, you should choose a trusted partner. Zoomline Networks offers the highest quality power distribution unit in Dubai. We not only provide customized units tackling your unique industry needs but can assist in installation as well. Their years of experience make us a reliable source for distribution units. You can browse our collection of products through our website or contact us at +971 4 323 4914 for more information.

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