Comprehensive Introduction of Fiber Optic Splitter

Fiber Splitter in Dubai

In contemporary optical network topologies, the introduction of fiber optic splitters is crucial for maximizing the performance of optical network circuits. A splitter for fiber optics has numerous input and output ends. When a network’s light transmission has to be separated, a fiber optic splitter can be used to facilitate network connectivity.

What is A Fiber Optic Splitter?

A fiber optic splitter is a device that divides fiber optic light into many portions according to a specified ratio. For instance, when a beam of fiber optic light is transmitted from a 1×4 equal ratio splitter, it will be divided equally into four beams of fiber optic light. Each beam is a quarter or 25% of the source beam. A fiber optic splitter is not the same as WDM. WDM can separate the various wavelengths of fiber optic light into distinct channels. Fiber splitters separate light energy and distribute it to several channels.

Fiber Splitter in Dubai

What is the function of a Fiber Optic Splitter?

Following is a general description of the fiber optic splitter’s operating principle: When a single-mode fiber transmits a light signal, the light energy cannot be completely focused in the fiber core. A little quantity of energy will be distributed via the fiber cladding. In other words, if two fibers are near enough, the light sent by one fiber can penetrate another. Therefore, the optical signal reallocation approach can be implemented in numerous fibers. And this is how the fiber optic splitter is created.

How to Select the Appropriate Fiber Optic Splitter

People favor PLC splitters over FBT splitters because PLC splitters have an adjustable operating wavelength, high stability, low-temperature loss, and a lower failure rate. There are now five package styles of PLC splitters available to accommodate a variety of applications: Bare Fiber Optical Splitter, Blockless Fiber Splitter, ABS Splitter, LGX Splitter, and Rack-Mount Splitter. You can select the ideal option based on your needs.

In addition to the kind of fiber optic splitter, the splitting ratio is an important consideration when selecting the optimal fiber optic splitter. PON networks can behave differently with varying ratios. Using a 1:32 OLT splitter, the network can receive a certified fiber optic signal from 20 kilometers away. If the distance between OLT and ONU is low, such as 5 kilometers, you can alternatively consider a ratio of 1:64. In PON networks, 1×4 and 1×8 OLT splitters can also be implemented.

Fiber Splitter in Dubai


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Fiber optic splitters provide the distribution of a signal on an optical fiber over two or more fibers. Since splitters include no electronics and do not need electricity, they are a vital part of most fiber optic networks and are extensively used. Therefore, selecting fiber optic splitters to improve the use of optical infrastructure is essential for designing a future-proof network architecture.

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