7 Reasons to Choose Fibre Optic over Copper Cable

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If you work with technology or have a business that relies heavily on the technology, you probably know about the numerous benefits that fiber optics offer. Fiber optics are generally used for high-performance data networking as well as long-distance networking; they are made up of strands of fiber typically made out of glass or plastic over long distances. Whereas copper cables are used for the generation of power, the transmission of power, distribution, telecommunication, and electronic circuitry. It is made by bundling two or more copper wires together in a single jacket.

copper cabling solution in dubai, uae

Why should you choose fiber optic over copper cable?

Several reasons make fiber optics the better choice. It is considered the best choice for most IT projects. Given below are some of the reasons that explain the efficiency of fiber optics :

  1. Transmission Speed
     Fiber optic cables can carry data up to 60TB/sec. The wires are made up of tiny strands of glass and use light pulses. This allows the data transmission to commence in less time. In comparison, copper cables allow only about 10BG/Sec. This also means that the data transmission takes longer. Therefore in terms of transmission speed fiber optics is the better option.
  2. Distance
    If you need to send signals over a vast distance, consider Fibre optics. Fiber optics can transport data for up to 25 miles, which in comparison to copper cables is way more. Copper cables can carry signals to about 100 meters only. The signal loss is also considerably less than copper cables. Fiber optics lose about 3% of their signal every 100 Metres whereas copper cables lose about 90% of their signal every 100 Metres.
  3. Reliability
    Fiber optics uses the process of total internal reflection to carry light signals. Hence, interference is not an issue. Fiber is also resistant to temperature changes, severe weather, and moisture changes. It also doesn’t present itself as a fire hazard. Copper cables are severely susceptible to interference and surges. They are also not immune to temperature, weather, or moisture changes. Old copper cables can be a fire hazard. Therefore, Fibre optics are the best alternatives for copper cables.copper cabling solution in dubai, uae
  4. Durability
    The longevity of wires must be taken into consideration when choosing a wire. Fiber optics are lighter in weight and can withstand a lot of pressure. They are sturdier and durable with fewer parts that last up to 50 years. Whereas copper cables are fragile and can not endure a lot of pressure. They also corrode after a time period of 5 years. Their performance also degrades with time and in time they aren’t able to transmit data or signals.
  5. Safety and Security
    Fiber optics do not allow the interference of data or signals. That makes compromisation or damage an impossible event. In the rare event that the cable is compromised, it is easily detectable by monitoring. Copper cables do not offer any kind of security against hackers or interference. This can affect your internet speed or harm your network.

Thus, it is an established fact that fiber optics is a better alternative to copper wire. Some may argue that fiber optics are an expensive alternative, but when they are compared to copper cables, it is noticed that it is very cost-effective in the longer run. Moreover, it is a new technology that can handle modern devices with safety and precision.

copper cabling solution in dubai, uae

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