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Are you trying to improve on cost efficiency and space-saving for your business? Do you need to monitor a data center from anywhere, anytime in the world? Then, Aten KVM switches are what your business needs.

Zoomline Network is one of the leading and noted Aten KVM suppliers in Dubai, UAE, and is committed to offering premium world-class products that are vital for your business growth.

What is a KVM switch?

Aten KVM switch improves productivity, saves space, and money by allowing you to use multiple computers with one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse. The exclusive feature offers administrators, centralized real-time updating and maintenance.

To switch between the different computers or servers, a user can just press a button on the Aten KVM switch, press a hotkey on their keyboard, click on their mouse wheel, or use an on-screen display program. Regardless of which method one chooses, the idea is that you can quickly and easily switch between different computers while using the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup. The Aten KVM switch has built-in hardware, software, and other innovative technologies that ensure switching is smooth. The key goal is that your keyboard, monitor, and mouse will work with each computer right away, and thereby improve the overall efficiency of your business systems.

Benefits of deploying Aten KVM switch:

● From small desktop KVM switches to enterprise KVM-over-IP solutions, Aten KVM provides users with remote access to a variety of devices — like computers, digital signage players, virtual servers, and more.

● It streamlines operator workflows and makes the control of processes and visual elements easier, more secure, and faster.

● It provides effective access to critical IT assets in control rooms and production environments throughout multiple industries.

● It helps cut down on the number of keyboards and monitors needed and free up desk space.

Zoomline Network offers the broadest range of reliable Aten KVM solutions for your business. Whether you need desktop KVM to access and control multiple computers from a single console with one keyboard and mouse, or distribution of high-quality video, audio, and peripheral signals through virtualized server infrastructures with mixed interfaces and resolutions, Zoomline Network has you covered.

Why choose Zoomline Network?

With solutions to support different video types, resolutions, and performance requirements, along with compatibility, the Zoomline Network’s portfolio of KVM switches has been designed to meet all connectivity needs for your business. Our remote access Aten KVM switches give multiple users local and remote access, simultaneously, to multiple computers.

Choose the best Aten KVM supplier in UAE with Zoomline Network. We are invested in ensuring your business has the best-in-class structured cabling network vital to the success of your business.

Our range of Aten KVM includes:
● KVM over IP Switches
● 4-Port USB VGA/Audio KVM Switch
● Aten KVM extender
● 8-Port 17″ LED-backlit LCD monitor Single Rail LCD KVM – CL1008M, ATEN LCD

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