What Is A Media Converter and How Do I Choose One?

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Media converters are also known as fiber media converters. It is a device that enables both fiber-to-fiber or copper-to-fiber connections for MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) connectivity. A media converter also allows data transport services to business customers. This solution is considered a cost-effective and versatile method to stretch the transmission distance while preserving the existing cabling infrastructure of an organization. Using a media converter can be very beneficial for you and your business. In this article, we will cover what a media converter is, and how you can choose the best one for yourself.

What Is A Media Converter?

A fiber optic media converter classifies as a simple networking device. This solution is primarily used for electrical signals used in copper cables to light the signals of fiber optic cables and vice versa. Media converters are used for fiber optic connectivity. These are beneficial solutions where the distance is greater than copper wires’ transmission distance. Hence, if you require a network extender for your business, a media converter will be perfect for the job as it helps you in extending the reach seamlessly. With the help of this solution, you can set up an outdoor data center and control your business operations off-site. Media converters will be a valuable addition to assisting you in maintaining a smooth flow between networks.

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How to Select the Ideal Media Converter?

Selecting a media converter for your organization can be a bit tricky. With a range of options available, you must consider everything before making the final choice. The following factors will help you in the process and ensure that you select the ideal unit for yourself.

Unmanaged vs Managed

Unmanaged media converters are perfect for beginners since they can be plugged and used, and are very easy to install and operate. You will be able to communicate with other devices, but you will not have to monitor other functions. However, due to its limited features, an unmanaged media converter is only ideal for small companies that do not require any complex features or monitoring functions. Managed media converters are more comprehensive. They offer features like network monitoring, remote management, network administration, etc. These units also allow you to control everything from bandwidth to traffic. Due to their vast features, these units are perfect for large enterprises that want complete control of their infrastructure.

Non-PoE vs. PoE

PoE or Power-over-Ethernet media converters can achieve cost-effective and reliable fiber distance extension for every device that is powered over the ethernet. Thus, this type of converter can provide power to network devices using the same copper wire that is used for data. This converter can power any device ranging from IP phones and cameras to WiFi devices. This is the primary reason why this converter is preferred by several organizations. This type of media converter is primarily used to connect security cameras and wireless access points into inaccessible locations.

Commercial vs Industrial

Industrial and commercial media converters vary in design and quality. An industrial one is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and has more durability. These units are made to work in harsh environments and deal with shock and vibrations as well. The industrial media converters are primarily used in industries such as oil, mining, building automation, gas, traffic management, drilling, and several other outdoor industrial applications. Commercial ones, on the other hand, are designed to withstand normal temperatures and conditions. These are used in office buildings and data centers. These units can work seamlessly in ambient conditions, and with proper care. Hence, they will last long.


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Copper to fiber media converter allows copper-based ethernet devices to connect over an extended distance using a fiber optic link. This process protects the data from interference and noise, allowing it an additional bandwidth capacity. Copper to fiber media converter provides connectivity for Ethernet, enabling it to extend traditional protocol copper connections. However, serial to fiber media converters provide fiber extension for both serial protocol and copper connections. In conclusion, both of these media converters are well fitted and used for point-to-point connections. These types of media converters are capable of future-proofing your network and allowing better management of all your connections and data centers.


Fiber to fiber media converters are capable of providing connectivity between multimode and single-mode fiber. You can get several different types of converters to enhance connectivity between a combination of single-mode, dual-mode, and multimode fiber. The single-mode media converter is the most powerful of them all and can work through an extensive distance as well. You can use this type of converter to link enterprise networks that have a high bandwidth requirement. In any case, both single-mode and multimode media converters are used to bridge the gap between two buildings and their central data centers. These units are powerful and can make your communication and connectivity more seamless. The applications and workings of these units may vary, but you can use a combination of these solutions to improve the efficiency around your workplace.

Final words 

Media converter is a flexible and cost-effective solution when you need a connection between copper and fiber cables in a network. You can extend the transmission distance using media converters, and their simple installation will prevent you from wasting your valuable time. The wide variety of options makes it crucial to understand your needs before making a choice. A trusted supplier is another critical aspect of getting the best solution for your business. Zoomline Networks is one of the leading names in the market. You can find a range of media converters in our collection. Browse our website to learn more about our products, or get in touch with our support team at sales@zoomlinenetwork.com.

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