What Does a Server Cabinet Do?

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If you are planning to invest in a server cabinet it would be the best option to know everything about server cabinets. The first question is, what is a server cabinet? Well to put it in simple words, it is a cabinet that holds IT equipment. It is enclosed from all sides and has doors on the front and the back portion. People mostly invest in server cabinets because of the safety benefits that it provides. They are used by businesses and are kept in places called data centers or communication closets.

server rack cabinet in Dubai, UAE

However, there are other benefits of using server cabinets and some of them are given below:-

  1. Organization of equipment
     It helps with the organization of computer equipment for better utilization of room and floor space. It minimizes the space needed for storage as well. You can store all of your requirements in one place as well as access it easily. Most servers are stored horizontally and are easy to move and reposition. Installing a server cabinet enables a person to easily access any equipment as well as move around the room.
  2. Cooling of equipment
    All computer equipment heats up when it’s being used for a prolonged period. Storing equipment in server cabinets enables the facilitation of air. This is used to cool down IT equipment. Thus, efficient cooling of equipment, as well as facilitation of airflow, helps you keep your equipment in prime condition. This in turn helps you utilize your equipment for a prolonged period.
  3. Cable management of equipment
     The most annoying part about owning equipment is the cables. Server cabinets offer a very good solution to this problem. Cables run in an organized way and this helps in easy access of equipment and offers more room space.
  4. Security of equipment
    With the advancement of technology, the safety and security of data have been a prime concern for a lot of IT companies. Server racks solve this problem by offering security to the equipment. It denies access to any unauthorized person. Moreover, it protects the equipment from being stolen or altered. Only authorized personnel can access the equipment.
  5. Fire safety
    Fire can be very detrimental to the property and computer equipment. Server cabinets protect the IT equipment from being destroyed or harmed by fire. In the case of a fire, server cabinets act as fireproof shields that contain or prevent the damage of IT equipment.

server rack cabinet supplier in Dubai, UAE

Commonly Used Equipment in a Server Rack

  1. A motherboard – the most commonly used and the most important equipment required for the communication amongst data buses.
  2. A CPU (Central processing unit) – Used for the processing and storage of data.
  3. RAM (Random Access Memory) – Active data processing unit.
  4. HBA/ (Host-Bus Adapter) – For the connection of external devices.
  5. I/O Ports – Depends on the configuration
  6. Drive Bay – For the storage of more hard disc drives(HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD).

Several other items are also used but the above-mentioned requirements are essential computer equipment that all IT companies use. Investing in a server rack is a very important decision. There is so much to choose from and that might pose a problem. However, if a rack suits your needs and amplifies your convenience then you should definitely go for it.

server rack cabinet supplier in Dubai, UAE

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