What are the Types of Structured Cabling?

Structured Cabling solution

If you work with technology or have a business that relies heavily on the technology, you probably know about the numerous benefits that fiber optics offer. Fiber optics are generally used for high-performance data networking as well as long-distance networking; they are made up of strands of fiber typically made out of glass or plastic over long distances. Whereas copper cables are used for the generation of power, the transmission of power, distribution, telecommunication, and electronic circuitry. It is made by bundling two or more copper wires together in a single jacket.

Structured Cabling solution

It is essential to know the main elements of structured cabling to understand the exact function of the elements. And we are here with the answer for that.

Main elements of a structured cabling installation

  1. Incoming services or Entrance Facility
    This part serves as the separation between the outside provider and the services for the building. In simpler words, this is where the incoming services enter and exit. This is where the ethernet, fibre optics, and incoming phone lines are terminated from the outside provider. However, they may be housed separately and this is determined by the size of the building.
  2. The Communication or Equipment Room
    This room is where the main communication equipment is housed. This is considered the main technology room. Two things happen here, firstly the distribution of cabling to users is done. Secondly, the backbone cabling to other cabinets in the building is done here. In a lot of spaces, mainly commercial places, the main communication room is the only room where termination and origination of data cabling occurs.
  3. Telecommunication Room and Telecommunication Enclosures also known as (TR and TE)
    When installed from a cabinet to a user outlet, data cabling has a distance of almost 90m. In buildings where the outlets are larger, sub cabinets are installed to tackle the problem. They are generally installed in a separate room and this houses additional cabinets as well as hardware to link the users it serves. In certain designs, telecommunication rooms are built on every single floor to facilitate efficiency.Structured Cabling solution
  4. Backbone Cabling linked through the building
    The backbone cabling link connects all the data cabinets in the building to facilitate communication throughout the building. The links consist of fibre optic links between a cabinet and an OM3 or OM4 multimode fibre optic cabling. In some cases, single-mode fibres are also used. In a single link, copper cables are used. In multiple links, fibre optic cables are used against multiple individual cable links.
  5. Horizontal Cabling or Main Horizontal cabling from cabinet to the floor
    The data cabling originating from each data cabinet and to the work areas is known as the horizontal element. It includes four components: user modules, actual data cable, patch panels, and patch leads. They service equipment like desk computers, telephones, wifi points, CCTV, mobile boosters and a lot many other types of equipment. Horizontal Cabling is usually installed in copper cabling but it may also be installed in fibre optics if high bandwidth is required.
  6. The Work Area
    The location of the user is referred to as the work area. This is where the actual termination outlets are located. This could be located in a floor box or mounted on a wall.

Structured Cabling solution

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