Want to build a speedy Wi-fi network of your dreams for your business? Look no more.  Zoomline’s Ubiquiti Router is optimized to provide your business network with the highest possible performance regardless of how many devices are connected simultaneously. It has an integrated security gateway on the routing front, which lets you create firewall policies. It supports everything you’d expect from a high-end router for your business, such as quality of service, VLAN support, site-to-site VPN, and remote VPN.

With smart devices relying on strong WiFi to keep the business operating without any hassle, it is very important to invest in an infrastructure that is not only fast and reliable but proven and trusted to work out the best for your business. Ubiquiti Routers has developed a reputation of a no-compromise wireless solution for your business.

Benefits of Ubiquiti Router

  • Ease of Deployment

Having a controller in the cloud allows for extremely easy deployment of hardware. In every case where we have a  Security Gateway (router/ACL firewall) installed, any new equipment plugged into the network of the Ubiquiti router can be instantly recognized by the controller and available for adoption. When the controller adopts the device, it automatically receives the accurate configuration for the device type and is ready within minutes.

  • Total Visibility

Ubiquiti Routers can offer valuable insights into how your network is being used and what changes would benefit the speed and efficiency of the network.

  • Management Capabilities

The Network Controller can provision UniFi devices, map out networks, and quickly manage system traffic. Important network details can be logically organized for a simplified, yet powerful, interface.

  • Deep Packet Inspection

Ubiquiti’s proprietary Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine includes the latest application identification signatures to trace which applications (and IP addresses) are using the most bandwidth.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

Shattering conventional industry thinking,  Ubiquiti  Routers provides a powerful router solution and IP surveillance software without the huge up-front costs or monthly subscription fees.

Key Features

  • Advanced Security Gateway with a built-in switch.
  • Dual WAN ports for redundancy.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy setup via the UniFi app.
  • Embedded Enterprise Software: UniFi Network.
  • Scalable UniFi Network Controller with advanced management capabilities.
  • UniFi Protect video surveillance.
  • Enterprise-class IPS/IDS and DPI capabilities.
  • Significantly greater performance over the previous generation of UniFi Security Gateways.

Why choose Ubiquiti Routers in Dubai, UAE from Zoomline Network?

High Performance

Ubiquiti Routers offers superior routing combined with top price/performance value for your routing.

Intuitive User Interface

Ubiquiti Routers provides a graphical user interface designed for convenient setup and control. Easily configure the routing, security and management features required to efficiently run your network.

Trusted suppliers

Zoomline Network is one of the most trusted suppliers of Ubiquiti Routers in Dubai, UAE and is uniquely qualified to manage all the specific needs for your business.

Choose the best dealer for Ubiquiti Router across Dubai, UAE, with Zoomline Network.


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