The Importance of Power Distribution Units in an Efficient Data Center

Power Distribution Unit

Data centers are the need of the hour. The efficiency of a data center is determined by its power distribution units and how they power up the servers and gadgets.

Power distribution units are electricity strips used in data centers to distribute and manage power. While this can seem straightforward, the roles of PDUs have evolved. They not only distribute electricity but also give statistics on power consumption and use in a data center. You can use this data to determine how efficiently electricity is utilized in your data center

Power Distribution Unit

Methods of Traditional Power Distribution

PDUs are not new inventions; they have been in use for many years. Power distribution devices formerly fed power to distant power panels, which subsequently sent power to server racks. This procedure necessitated the routing of wires under specially raised floors. These, however, were inefficient in terms of cost and space. This necessitated additional innovation in the manufacturing and use of power distribution devices.

Advanced Power Distribution Units

Due to the advancement of PDUs, power distribution has become versatile, efficient, and extremely adjustable. Modern server rack power distribution units are classified as basic, metered, monitored, switched, and dual circuit.

  • Basic power distribution units (PDUs) are the simplest method to distribute and provide power to UPS, generators, and numerous rack loads. They are the most frequent form of data center power source.
  • Metered PDUs avoid data center power overloads. They have built-in digital meters that monitor load levels and restrictions.
  • Monitored PDUs are like metered PDUs in many ways. They use a visual meter to indicate output power usage and notify owners of the possibility of an overload.
  • Switch PDUs can keep track of the data center’s load locally and connect or disengage from it as needed.
  • Dual Circuit PDUs are uniquely built to take several inputs to avoid redundancy. One dual-circuit PDU provides the functionality of two individual PDUs, saving money and space.

The capacity of current PDUs to monitor and measure energy use in a data center is their most critical function. Armed with data such as power utilization via every outlet on every power strip, you can make educated choices that will help you optimize power consumption in your data center. You can improve capacity planning by identifying places in your data center that needs a simple rearranging of equipment for more efficient power use.

Monitoring power consumption at the device level allows you to see where the majority of your power is being drained and determine if the device is vital enough to use despite its high power consumption.

With organizations all over the globe focused on being more environmentally friendly, and governments enacting rules to limit environmental effects, it is critical for your organization’s data center to consume as little electricity as possible to stay competitive. PDUs assist you in doing just that.

In the UAE, Zoomline Networks provide a variety of Power Distribution Units in Dubai, including switch PDUs, basic PDUs, and metered PDUs. When correctly placed, our PDUs can optimize power savings and allow you to concentrate on other critical parts of your data center. Contact us now to learn more about our PDUs.

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