Structured Cabling the Need of the Hour

Structured Cabling Dubai

When it comes to network infrastructure, most companies and even small and medium-sized organisations (SMBs) are unsure whether to employ point-to-point or structured cabling. As network cabling is a crucial component of an IT environment, prior to making a selection, extensive preparation and a thorough grasp of cabling requirements are essential. So, here are a few considerations to assist you make the best decision.

Point-to-point cabling

Point-to-point cabling is the standard, less expensive cabling approach in comparison to other cable systems. As the name suggests, it creates direct or point-to-point connections between servers, switches, or storage devices. Point-to-point cabling is appropriate for small enterprises with limited computing requirements and minimal room for reconfiguration or expansion. As there are minimal connections, point-to-point can handle data flow effectively.

Structured Cabling Dubai

Structured cabling

Structured cabling establishes a hierarchical network for linking servers, switches, and storage devices. It is a complete network of cables, tools, and equipment that complies to TIA-942-A and ISO 24764 standards. In structured cabling, the framework is partitioned into several MDAs (Main Distribution Areas). Since a result, structured cabling is more organised as the wires are aligned in a clean fashion. This makes maintenance and upgrading simpler and reduces the likelihood of human mistake.

Point-to-point cabling vs. structured cabling

Though point-to-point cabling is ideal for small firms with few connections, as your IT system expands, its performance and dependability begin to deteriorate. Even if the tendency is to employ cost-effective techniques, point-to-point cabling is impractical if extensions are possible. Not only does it raise maintenance expenses, but when wires are added, relocated, or replaced, it also creates a mess.

Due to technological improvements, the communication medium is not limited to data alone. Currently, it comprises video, audio, multimedia, and security. In addition, point-to-point cabling cannot manage constant data flow. And improperly arranged point-to-point cabling leads to overheating, resulting in downtime and device failure.

Structured Cabling Dubai

Structured cabling, on the other hand, can keep up with the demands and expansion of an organization. Compared to point-to-point cabling, there will be a substantial initial investment, but it will eventually result in cheaper IT expenses and greater staff productivity.

Point-to-point cabling has returned as a consequence of the utilisation of top of rack (ToR) and end of row (EoR) equipment placement choices. However, because of its intrinsic constraints, it was unable to outperform structured cabling.

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