Ready for the New WiFi 7? TP Link Router is Paving the Way

TP Link router

In light of the advancement of the 802.11 protocol, the creation of 802.11ac has provided a solution to fulfill the rising need for data consumption. WiFi has become a vital aspect of everyone’s life, whether for online shopping, communication, office work, or gaming.

WiFi 6E took wireless networking to a new level by introducing a brand-new 6 GHz band with seven 160 MHz channels, as a continuation of WiFi 5’s response to rising network demand. However, advancement in WiFi technology has not stopped there.

TP Link router

The Necessity for WiFi 7

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, demand for wireless networks, from enterprises to families, is reaching unprecedented heights. Nearly 60 percent of US homes updated their WiFi last year.

Home offices are becoming more common. These networking requirements for remote offices are more demanding. In terms of entertainment, research indicates that an increasing number of individuals are utilizing VR/AR gadgets to enjoy games in an immersive manner. Similarly, smart home enhancements need a robust wireless local area network capable of connecting a large number of high-speed devices. These requirements have all led to the development of WiFi.

With all these technical advancements, a new, more inclusive WiFi standard is necessary. The introduction of 10G Ethernet increases residential internet speeds. The new 6 GHz frequency must also be used more. The objective of WiFi 7 is to realize these technologies.

WiFi 7 with the objective of “extremely high throughput,” has arisen to accommodate the new age of intense streaming, more advanced wireless networks, and an abundance of data transmission applications.

TP Link router

What exactly is WiFi 7?

TP-Link will manufacture all WiFi 7-capable wired or wireless network access devices, including routers (Archer BE850) and Mesh networks (Deco BE65).

WiFi 7 is compatible with the real Tri-band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz) and incorporates the following new technologies to improve throughput and network performance:

320 MHz: Doubled Width

WiFi 7 enhances channel bandwidth, boosting it from 160 MHz (WiFi 6/6E) to 320 MHz (WiFi 7). This results in peak rates exceeding 40 Gbps, a fourfold increase over WiFi 6E.

Improved Modulation

WiFi 7 employs 4096-QAM, which is 20% quicker than 802.11ax’s 1024-QAM. Each symbol in 4K-QAM holds 12 bits of data as opposed to 10 bits.

Multi-RU (Puncturing)

Preamble Puncturing technology eliminates interference channels to make the remaining bandwidth available for usage. This indicates that extra resource units (RU) can be generated by removing occupied or blocked channels.

Multi-Link Operation (MLO)

MAC layer link aggregation is enabled by MLO. It can choose the least crowded wireless data channel and create several wireless data connections between an STA and AP to alleviate network congestion. This results in increased throughput, decreased latency and increased dependability.

TP Link router

The Advantages of WiFi 7

TP-Link is at the forefront of WiFi 7, maximizing the capabilities of this cutting-edge technology.

With WiFi 7, you can stream all types of movies and 4K/8K films and transfer any data package with little delay. If you are a gamer, WiFi 7 will provide you with an experience unlike any other. With enhanced speed and perfected AR/VR, you can experience the fusion of the virtual and real worlds.

In addition to entertainment, WiFi 7 will boost telecommuting, large video conferencing, and data cloud services. Everywhere you travel, powerful internet signals will link everything.

The development of a complete WiFi 7 ecosystem is the true key to TP-Success Links with WiFi 7. How will the future appear? Wait for TP-Link products to connect you to the next generation of connections with your eyes wide open.

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