White Papers

ATEN Scaling Technology Enables Seamless Viewing Experiences

Video wall installations need to offer a flawless viewing experience with latency-free switching and images displayed in the correct aspect ratio and resolution. In order to provide that, a scaler needs to be integrated as part of your video wall system. With ATEN’s products that feature innovative built-in scaler technology, your video walls will seamlessly display and switch between content at the desired aspect ratio and resolution.

Seamless Switch™ Technology: Delivering the Fastest Professional AV Content Experience

This instructive white paper explains how ATEN’s exclusive Seamless Switch engine utilizes our FPGA-based scaler technology to provide near-zero latency while always transmitting signals at the correct resolution and aspect ratio. Seamless Switch technology is available on our latest Video Matrix Switch and Modular Matrix Switch solutions.

What is a UPS?

In a continuity-conscious, 24/7 world, losing power to one’s servers or computers is now unthinkable as it can lead to interruption of services, loss of data, and even undue strain on computer hardware. However, with an ATEN UPS solution, even a brief loss of power doesn’t have to stop you from keeping your servers and computers up and running.

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