• 1 Channel video HD-SDI Over Fiber Video ...

    Receiver support one way SDI split into two function

    Max transmission bit rate up to 1485Mbps

    Support video input formats transparent transmission

    Compatible with uncompressed HD video as 720p.1080i.1080p@30fps etc.

    Equipped with automatic multi-rate cable equalizer(100M/120M)

    Support cable driver, balance transmission loss over cable

    Support pathological signal transmission

    Support SNMP and real-time monitoring on working status of board.

    Provide long distance transmission of SDI video.

    Thunder protection technology, surge protection 4kv

    simple-to-setup, plug and play, receiver rack-mountable to chassis

    Support RS485, Manchester/ Biphase data

    Overload protection, auto recovery

  • 1 U 8 channel video analog video convert...

    • Uncompressed 8 bit video digital sampling, High-speed synchronous digital transmission technology
    • Modular structure design(audio card and data card for optional configuration)
    • Super optical dynamic range, no adjustment needed
    • Status indication for power supply, optical signal and video
    • No electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference and ground current
    • Safe transmission guaranteed under poor electromagnetic environmen
    • BNC video connector
    • FC optical connector
    • Video DC recovery
    • Maximum tolerable link loss for single mode single fiber is 18db

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