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Zoomline Network is one of the leading APC UPS suppliers in Dubai, UAE. It offers the best solutions to give seamless protection to your business.

APC UPS is an eminent innovative, and technology-driven company that specializes in UPS battery backup systems that can be used for a wide variety of applications, be it computer rooms or even large data hubs while offering top-notch protection. Each product is driven by an uninterruptible power supply or voltage conditioning technology for every situation – from minimum KW to applications of multiple MW and a considerable range of supply voltages.

Why is power protection important for your business?

No company can afford to leave its IT assets unprotected from power issues. Here are just a few of the reasons why your business needs APC UPS in Dubai, UAE:

  • Short outages can be trouble
  • Losing power for as little as a second can trigger events that may keep IT equipment unavailable for anywhere from 15 minutes to many hours. And the downtime can prove to be costly for your business.

  • The problems and risks are intensifying
  • Today’s storage systems, servers, and network devices use components so miniaturized that they falter and fail under power conditions that earlier-generation equipment easily withstood.

  • Generators and surge suppressors aren’t enough
  • Generators can keep systems operational during a utility outage, but they take time to start and provide no protection from power spikes and other electrical disturbances. Surge suppressors help with power spikes but not with issues like power loss, under-voltage, and brownout conditions.

  • Availability is everything these days
  • These days it’s absolutely central to how most companies are adapting to new technologies. When IT systems are down, core business processes can quickly come to a standstill and can cost you a lot of time.

Why choose Zoomline Network for APC UPS in Dubai, UAE?

Businesses today invest huge sums of money in their IT infrastructure, as well as the power required to keep it functioning. They count on this investment to keep them productive, competitive, and resilient.  Our well-built power protection solution, featuring high-quality, highly efficient APC UPS, can help keep your business applications available, your power costs manageable and your data safe.

Choose the best APC UPS distributor in Dubai, UAE Zoomline Network.We are highly qualified to manage all your specific needs. When you choose Zoomline Network, you also have the added benefit of industry-leading expertise, excellent customer support, and first-class service.

Some of our APC UPS benefits:

  • Consistency:
  • Electronics within our APC UPS tells it when it needs to work and kicks in alternate power as needed, which eliminates glitches or surges and allows time to safely shut down main systems if and when needed.

  • Protection:
  • Safeguards against all the odds of electricity such as surges, spikes, dips, and failure as our APC UPS essentially senses and switches to alternate power before it can cause damage.

  • Filter:
  • Our line-interactive APC UPS acts as a kind of filter by refining the power as it comes into the UPS then adjusting its output so that internal systems receive a clean, consistent supply free of abnormalities.


Problem areas for conventional batteries

Traditional lead-acid batteries can cause customers and businesses a number of problems. Consider a handful of the most typical issues consumers have with lead-acid batteries:

  • Due to the weight and size of lead-acid batteries, UPS devices are difficult to install without the assistance of two or more persons and the proper tools.
  • Lead-acid batteries have an average lifetime of three to five years, requiring frequent replacement and exposing you to the danger of UPS failure and lengthy downtime.
  • Maintaining an inventory of short-life acid batteries is expensive and time-consuming for enterprises with various spread sites and IT systems.

Positive aspects of APC Smart-UPS batteries

Zoomline products, APC UPS Dubai provide a variety of options to keep your company consistently connected.

  • APC Smart-UPS lithium-ion batteries can last up to 10 years, which is three times longer than typical lead-acid batteries, and can reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 50 percent.
  • Up to 75% smaller and up to 65% lighter than lead-acid batteries, APC lithium-ion devices make installation simpler than ever.
  • Visibility anywhere: All APC lithium-ion devices have software and network management card interfaces for monitoring energy use and safe shutdown in the case of a prolonged power loss.
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