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A power distribution unit (PDU) is a device fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and networking equipment located within a data center. Intelligent power distribution takes digital intelligence to every final subcircuit. The result is much greater efficiency, reliability, and transparency, and is also an important contribution to a more sustainable, climate-friendly energy system for your business.

All elements of the power distribution system must work together seamlessly if you want to make full use of the opportunities that are becoming available. That’s why power distributors of Zoomline Network have created an integrated digitalization concept to bring out maximum efficiency for your business. All our power distribution units are professionally designed with high quality and tested Inputs to ensure customers get the highest quality of the product with 100% reliability and dependability.

Our advanced PDU capabilities include:

● Remote switching
It allows individual outlet control for remotely switching the power on and off. It’s an ideal feature for organizations that have large data centers that have hundreds or thousands of server cabinets. The remote switching is enabled to control power flows without having to physically touch each and every power strip.

● Power monitoring
Our PDUs have an input current monitoring feature that enables managers to see the power usage for individual circuits. This ability helps to identify which devices can be turned off in order to eliminate unnecessary power waste.

● Environmental monitoring
Monitoring from data gathered by sensors, capable of transmitting alerts when preset thresholds are breached. This process enables managers to prevent equipment from overheating and breaking down.

Why choose Power Distribution Units in Dubai, UAE from Zoomline Network?

Choose the best power distribution units in Dubai, UAE with Zoomline Network.

● Protected against lightning and heat
Our Power Distribution Units (PDU) are made from robust components, ensuring they deliver the best possible performance even in high-waisted air temperatures.

● Detailed monitoring for improved safety and security
Because of the PDUs’ high level of flexibility, an IT rack can be comprehensively monitored. Integrated CMC functions such as an alarm relay, a digital input, and an alarm signal transmitter enable the flexible incorporation of the PDU into an overarching IT security concept.

● Additional Cooling
There is a higher temperature in the rack enclosures due to the trend of using less cooling. Older Rack PDUs may not be able to cope and make it necessary to provide additional cooling, but Zoomline’s next-gen PDUs can work continuously up to 140°F.

● Advanced Alerting and Intelligence
Billing-grade accurate monitoring of user-defined thresholds ensures that potential failures are identified far in advance. Real-time alarms notify you of potential risk conditions in the power chain.

● Prevent Outages Before They Occur
Zoomline’s Intelligent Rack Power Distribution Units help eliminate human error and can withstand the harshest environments. With monitoring features that spot problems in advance and elements that adapt to the toughest conditions, our rack power solutions protect your critical load under any circumstances.

Our range of power distribution unit includes:

● 19” Rackmount power distribution unit
● 32AMP single-phase PDU
● 16 AMP single-phase PDU
● Power distribution unit for server rack
● Data Center Rack Mount PDU(s), Power Distribution Unit
● Metered PDU
● Managed Rack PDU | Switched PDU | Remote management
● Automatic transfer switches (ATS)

Power Distribution is a crucial component of Rack solutions, and the industry cannot afford downtime or product failure since it directly affects the functioning of mission-critical equipment, which in turn affects business processes.

Zoomline recognises the significance of Power Distribution Unit Dubai. All models are professionally developed with High Quality and Tested Inputs to guarantee that customers get the best quality product that is 100% Reliable and Dependable. The network provides a vast array of high-quality power distribution options for mission-critical equipment. Zoomline PDU includes a high-quality powder-coated metal box with the highest rated and most reliable electrical components available.

Zoomline PDUs are rated and protected using MCBs and fuses to satisfy a variety of industry specifications. Input may be either open or equipped with Indian/IEC Plugs. 1-Phase and 3-Phase variants are available for horizontal and vertical placement.

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