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Media Converters in Dubai, UAE

Media converters are flexible and cost-effective devices for optimizing and enhancing fiber links in all types of networks. Fiber optic connectivity is necessary when the distance between two network devices exceeds the transmission distance of copper cabling. Media Converters are the perfect solution to convert and extend various types of data signals throughout your network for your business.

Instead of costly upgrades and rewiring for fiber, media converters can extend the productive life of the existing structured cabling as well as the active equipment. Media converters can be used anywhere in the network or system to integrate fiber with the existing copper wiring and equipment to support new applications, technologies, and future growth. Zoom line Networks Technology is one of the leading and noted media converter distributors across Dubai, UAE.

Benefits of Media Converters

Network complexity, demanding applications, and the growing number of devices on the network are driving forces that require longer distance requirements within the Local Area Network (LAN).

➤Media converters present solutions to these problems, by allowing the use of fiber when it is needed, and integrating new equipment into existing cabling infrastructure.
➤Media converters provide seamless integration of fiber, copper, and different fiber types in Enterprise LAN networks.
➤Media converters support a wide variety of protocols, data rates, and media types to create a more reliable and cost-effective network.
➤Media converters increase network distances by converting UTP to fiber and extending fiber links.
➤Media converters help save capital equipment expenditures (CAPEX) by enabling interconnection between existing switches, servers, routers, and hubs.

Zoomline’s media converter in Dubai, UAE supports many different data communication protocols including ethernet, fast ethernet, gigabit ethernet, as well as multiple cabling types vital for enhancing and supporting your business.

Why choose Zoomline’s media converter?

Choose the best media converter in Dubai, UAE with Zoomline Network.

● Robust Media Converter
Choose a media converter that is made from certified components that can withstand the harshest environments and operating temperature ranges of -40°C to 75°C.

● Compatible Media Converter
Zoomline Media Converters are compatible with switches and routers. As a key component in the reliability and stability of your network, you need reliable media converters with seamless interoperability.

● Secure Media Converter
Zoomline’s secure media converters support all security services used in corporate networks, including various protocols. This is done to further protect IDs and passwords from preventing network hacking, many secure management sessions are supported.

● Trust
Zoom line Networks Technology has been uncompromisingly serving its customers for more than a decade of successful presence in the Middle East. If network uptime is vitally important to your success, choose best-in-class quality media converters in Dubai, UAE from Zoomline Networks.

Technical details of our media converters:

→Industrial switch
→Wide temperature media converters for industrial and outdoor use
→Media Converter – 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1G, 2.5G, 10G
→Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseTx to 1000Base-LX fiber media converter, 40Km,
→Outdoor Media Converter – Operate in -40°C to +75°C
→10-100-1000 PoE Industrial Converter, Copper to Fiber

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