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FTTH Cabinets in Dubai, UAE

Zoomline Network is one of the leading FTTH cabinets suppliers in Dubai, UAE, and offers only the best storage and racking cabinets to deliver dynamic, and optimized solutions to businesses.

Our FTTH  cabinets offer the best available operational reliability for your business. Its exclusive protection makes them the ideal solution for your successful Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network expansion.

Zoomline Network’s FTTH cabinets in Dubai, UAE are environmentally friendly, robust, and provide anti-vandalism protection that makes them suitable for protecting the vital assets of your business. The modular design allows the replacement of cabinet parts without service interruption. The inner design enables quick acceptance procedure, short installation times, maintenance, and easy fault detection.

Types of FTTH cabinets:

  • Cabinet  Cross-Connection
  • The  Cabinet cross-connection provides an interface point between the primary pairs and the distribution / secondary pairs. The cabinet provides a complete system with all components required for installation and operation.

  • Cabinet Shell
  • The shell provides 1 or 2 doors to access the interior of the cabinet. The doors are lockable to prevent any unauthorized entry.

  • Indoor Cabinet
  • The indoor cabinets are used to accommodate and provide cross-connection flexibility between the primary entrance cable facilities and the secondary cables. The indoor cabinets can be installed wall-mounted, preferably inside the telecommunications equipment room.

Benefits of FTTH cabinets:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Innovative FTTH / FTTP cabinet portfolio
  • Integrated structural design
  • Intelligent thermal management system
  • Significant energy conservation
  • IP Rated Protection
  • Vandal-resistant features
  • Effective cable management
  • Environmental protection
  • Ease of deployment in rugged outdoor environments
  • Intelligent speed control in the cooling system providing extended life of the components

Why choose Zoomline Network for FTTH Cabinets in Dubai, UAE?

Zoomline Network’s FTTH cabinets help businesses deal with the increasing challenges of IoT and deploying critical network infrastructure more effectively and efficiently, connecting people and technologies through innovation.

Our  FTTH / FTTP ​cabinets can be configured to meet your specific project requirements with a range of options also available including cable management, passive and active thermal management, environmental protection, and integration.

Choose the best-in-class FTTH cabinets in Dubai, UAE for your business Zoomline Network. When you choose Zoomline Network, you also have the added benefit of industry-leading expertise, excellent customer support, and first-class service. We work collaboratively with our customers to offer connectivity solutions  that tailors to their current needs and to the requirements of future networks.

We then use our responsive, global operational capabilities and distribution channels for fast delivery.

This is what we assure:

  • High-end performances
  • Flexible configurations
  • Easy migration
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Scalability

Our range of racks/cabinets include:

  • Server racks
  • Networks racks
  • IT racks
  • Data center racks
  • Open racks
  • Ftth ONT racks
  • Wall box racks
  • Cable Management Solution

To get in touch with us,

Contact:  +971 4 325 7866, +971 55 3786444, +971 4 325 7867

Email: sales@zoomlinenetwork.com

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