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Fiber optic splitters enable and facilitate a signal on an optical fiber to be distributed among two or more fibers.  Since splitters contain no electronics nor require power, they are an integral component and widely used in most fiber-optic networks.

Best Fiber Optic Splitters Suppliers in UAE

Zoomline Network is one of the leading and noted fiber optic splitters suppliers in Dubai, UAE. We are committed to offering premium network products that are vital for your business success.

Our flexible processes enable us to bring visions to life, with the speed and scale, that our clients demand.

Zoomline Network offers quality Fiber Optic Splitters, an indispensable part of the fiber-optic network. We offer fiber splitters in popular configurations such as FO Splitter Module 19″ 1U 2 X 32 Splitters with standards: 1:2, 1:4, 2:4 , 1:8, 2:8 , 1:16, 2:16 1: 32, 2:32.


  • Low losses
  • Low polarization dependence
  • Stable under varying conditions


Zoomline Network’s fiber splitters for optical fiber networks are used virtually everywhere:

  • Telecommunications
  • Optical communication systems
  • CATV
  • LAN & WAN
  • Test instruments
  • Laboratories

Benefits of Fiber Splitter

  • Precision terminations and low insertion loss
  • Compact inline unit allows for seamless integration into installations
  • Passive operation requires no energy or cooling
  • Wide operating temperature allows for remote installations
  • Epoxy free optical path
  • Specifically designed blister packaging ensures device safety during storage and delivery
  • 3 and 4 port variants available in a range of termination options
  • Various coupling ratios available
  • Singlemode dual band and multimode splitters available

Why choose Zoomline Network?

Choose the best fiber splitter distributor in UAE with Zoomline Network. We are uniquely qualified to manage all your specific needs. Zoomline Network is invested in ensuring your business has the best-in-class fiber splitter vital to the success of your business. The fiber optic splitter is a passive device that plays an increasingly significant role in many optical networks. From FTTX systems to traditional optical networks, Zoomline Network’s fiber splitters provide capabilities that help businesses maximize the functionality of optical network circuits.

With a range of fiber splitters, Zoomline Network copper solutions are easy and fast to

install and offer high-end performance and reliability. When you choose Zoomline Network, you also have the added benefit of industry-leading expertise, excellent customer support, and first-class service. We work collaboratively with our customers to offer connectivity solutions tailored to their current needs and to the requirements of future networks.

We then use our responsive, global operational capabilities and distribution channels for fast delivery.

This is what we assure:

  • High-end performances
  • Flexible configurations
  • Easy migration
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Scalability

Our range of fiber splitters include:

  • 2:32 Sc/apc fiber Splitter
  • FO splitter sc/apc 2:32
  • FO splitter Lc/apc 2:32
  • du approve fiber splitter
  • etisalat approved fiber splitters
  • PLC Splitter 2:32 SC/APC
  • To get in touch with us,

    Contact:  +971 4 325 7866, +971 55 3786444, +971 4 325 7867


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