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    • Cheetah Cold aisle by providing a regulation of the air circulation within a server room by segregating cold air from hot air allows efficient cooling system and effective heat dissipation, which in turns results in solution for energy & cost savings.
    • It provides good cooling effect, significantly improves cooling efficiency than a single cabinet, improves cabinet equipment installation density & saves Space of the Server room.
    • Top cover of cold alley makes sure of a magnetic locking system controlled by the fire extinguishing system; in situations of power failure, the top covers will automatically open up under its own weight, providing a safe and reliable system;
      Entire cold aisle is modulaly retro-fitted, allow for easy and convenient installation.
    • Doors on both sides of cold asile of sliding or electrical type, providing for space saving. Hinged type swinging metal solid door or glass door are optionally available.
      Cheetah Cold aisle doors are equipped with a number locking system or can be integrated to a locking system as per required.Top cover of cold alley made of transparent organic glass allowing for maximum illumination; distance from top cover to floor,which minimizing safety hazards and space oppression to operators and users.
    • Available options of adding humidity,temperature & Smoke sensors connected to fire extinguishing system.Cheetah high-density vented front door & rear door of cold aisle enables ventilation rate above 75% as well dust-proof provision of brush on the front & rear door of cold aisle improves cooling efficiency.

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