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Zoom Line Network is a leading supplier of products from Vertiv, a leading manufacturer of products for the power generation, distribution, and management industries. Our dedicated team will ensure you get the most out of your investment by offering expert advice on your next purchase requirements. Vertiv’s range of products is particularly effective in applications where there is a requirement for high performance at low cost. The company offers a wide range of solutions suitable for large industrial customers and smaller businesses who simply want to benefit from more efficient and cost-effective methods.

Best Selling Products From Vertiv

Indoor & Outdoor Condensors

We are proud to have a full line of indoor and outdoor Vertiv condensers for your heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs. These products help to reduce operating costs and maximize energy efficiency by providing a constant source of cold air for your building’s HVAC system.

DC Power Systems

Vertiv has a full line of solutions for designing and installing DC power systems for remote locations where AC power does not exist. These systems range from small distributed power sources such as battery backup units through large utility-grade substations to ultra-high reliability industrial-grade solutions.

Static Transfer Switches

Static transfer switches switch high voltages and currents in electrical circuits. They effectively reduce the risk of fire, explosion, and short-circuit damage. With static transfer switches, you can safely connect equipment such as motors, generators, transformers, power supplies, and other devices with different voltages and currents. Static transfer switches are also used for quality improvement and security applications like line isolation. The best-selling products from Vertiv include their range of static transfer switches, including 1-phase 3-wire, 1-phase 4-wire, 2-phase 3-wire, and 2-phase 4-wire models.

On-Grid Invertors

The Vertiv on-grid inverters are designed to operate in stand-alone or grid-connected applications and are available in a wide range of power ratings, voltages, and frequencies. They can be used as the main inverter or backup, providing reactive power support when the grid is unavailable.

Rack Cooling

Vertiv is a leader in high-performance cooling solutions. Rack Cooling is a new product line that provides the best possible cooling for your servers, storage, networking, and other equipment. Rack Cooling utilizes an advanced design approach that provides maximum airflow with minimal pressure drop, resulting in lower power consumption and cooler temperatures. The Vertiv rack coolers are designed for use in data centers where space is limited.

Outdoor Enclosures

Vertiv products are a great solution to protect your equipment from the elements. Whether you need a roof, gutter, or complete enclosure, Vertiv can cover your outdoor needs. Vertiv’s outdoor enclosure line offers a wide range of options for all applications. From small, lightweight enclosures to large, heavy-duty enclosures with integrated locking systems, Vertiv has a solution for every application. Their outdoor enclosures come in many shapes and sizes to meet your needs. They offer multiple models that fit any size, space, or budget.

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